These are our requirements & conditions of hire and usage of the Mylaps MX Transponder Timing System from ‘Timing Tech’.

We supply our own finish line office (self contained Transit van).
If the event requires the running of 2 tracks then the club will need to supply a suitable caravan/building for the finish line on the second track.

We supply all the operators of the equipment, but may need assistance removing and/or collecting transponders.
Two separate lengths of alkathene are required to be laid at the finish line for us to thread our loop through.
Contact us for installation instructions for the alkathene.

The transponders all have unique ‘pin numbers’.  When they are fitted to a vehicle, each transponder emits a unique signal to the timing loop,
which is set up below the finish line.  These signals pass along a coaxial cable to the decoder, where they are translated into results and passed onto a computer.

As each transponder needs to be programmed with each competitors details, as many entries as possible should be supplied to us 4-7 days prior to the event, but a few on the day entries can be handled.  (Note: Day entries generally cause delays to event commencement while competitor details are entered into the
system).  Also required 4-7 days prior are approximate times for Sign on and a practice/race schedule, any relevant information on the point scoring system to be used, and qualification/class requirements.

We have 365 transponders available for hire (supplied with clips & zip ties).  Fitting instructions are available for correct fitting. We may need more
contact details of competitors who have not returned or may have damaged their assigned transponder. We will not be responsible for manual lap scoring vehicles without a Mylaps (AMB) MX Transponder fitted.  As manual checks are carried out, we cannot effectively time classes that have  competitors circulating without transponders fitted (i.e. a split class one with/one without transponders or competitors that don’t wish to pay for scoring).

Information that can be provided include qualifying times, overall & class race results, elapsed time of races, best lap time & on which lap, average speed (where the circuit lap distance is known) all within a few minutes of the end of each race.  A printer will provide hard copy results. A ‘Race Monitor’ programme relays
from the timing system, the actual‘going race’ to wireless or wired network, to other computers or monitors to approx 300 metres distance.
Mylaps Live Timing & Event Results App are available to view the ‘live going race’.  Some events will offer CTAS Live Timing which offers scroll back and sponsor promotion features and is available to view on PC’s as well as Android devices.


Please contact us direct for a written quote.  You may be able to apply for Grant Funding to help cover costs.
One Day Events: $20.00 + GST per entry      ($15 processing fee + $5 TX hire fee)
Two Day Events: $30.00 + GST per entry      ($20 processing fee + $10 TX hire fee)
Note: Two day event charge is for same competitor/event format each day.

60 Entries plus any applicable travel & accommodation costs.
30 Entries for a second track (seperate Timing of Mini & Main Track)
90 Entries for any events requiring two operators

Travel – 70 cents + GST per km
Accommodation charges may also be additional

2 day events, or 3 round series with 150 or more entries, travel/accommodation charges will be waived.

Against an invoice is required within 14 days of event.
Accounts overdue are liable for penalty interest at 15%.

Once an event has been booked/confirmed, then a cancellation fee of $250.00 will be applicable. If cancelled within 7 days of an event additional charges may apply to cover time spent on setting up for the event and any related costs incurred by ourselves. Also any accommodation charges that we incur as a result of the cancellation, and any travel costs (70c + GST per km) if we have already departed for the event will be payable.
If we are already onsite then our minimum charge out will be payable plus travel/accommodation charges incurred.

If an event is postponed within 5 days of the event, then a postponement fee of $100.00 will be applicable. Also any accommodation charges that we incur as a result of the postponement, and any travel costs (70c + GST per km) if we have already departed for an event will be payable. If an event is postponed on the day of the event then our minimum charge may apply.